Vertex Festival 2017

Vertex is a community initiative set up by seven local residents with the express purpose of bringing a dynamic and diverse event into the village which will be owned and run by residents so do please get in touch if you have time and energy to offer and are attracted by the prospect of being involved.


We are looking for volunteers to help in the local marketing of the festival, in setting up venues, in stewarding at events, and helping to ensure that everyone who has some contact with Vertex leaves having had a great time, good memories, and looking forward to future Vertex events and festival.


Please contact: enquiries@vertexfestival.co.uk

Vertex Visions

Vertex Visions is an exciting youth led arts project where young people aged 14 years plus will work with a community artist to produce outdoor artwork which will be displayed around the village. These significant pieces will be a visual expression of youth culture and their visions of the future.


Vertex Visions will run a series of skills based workshops from October 2017 which will take young people through the design processes from inception to completion.


If you would like to be part of this project then contact Vertex at: enquiries@vertexfestival.co.uk