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The Village Hall
Friday 20 October

The Tim Kliphuis Trio provide an international start to Vertex Festival. Combining a masterful command of instrument and repertoire with genre-mashing interpretations of gypsy jazz, folk and classical music, Dutch violinist Tim Kliphuis has created a unique style that is making waves in concert halls across the globe. Classically trained and widely regarded as Stéphane Grappelli’s heir, Kliphuis is a highly personal and inspiring performer, composer and educator. His trio with Nigel Clark (guitar) and Roy Percy (bass) is a perfect blend of three great talents realising their leader’s vision. It’s time to enjoy music free of boundaries and find new and old music to be surprised by.
West Kilbride Village Hall provides a comfortable and intimate setting where you experience the music close-up. Interval refreshments are served at MiWK concerts which will add to the ambiance of this special evening.

“One of the world’s finest fiddlers” – County Times
“Prodigiously talented, fearsomely fast and fun” – Time Out

Tickets £12
Call: 01294824839 or

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